I write code sometimes


Machine Learning Roadmap

I'm planning to break into the ML side of things - here's what I have in mind.


A while ago, someone introduced me to Chat GPT and I was immediately mindblown. Before long, I was typing in entire search queries into chatgpt and getting significantly better results than Google. I was hooked.

What made it amazing were a few things

  1. I could customize what I was getting back by modifying my prompt
  2. I could get more personalised results

Now, this isn't my first foray into machine learning. I'd done a previous research paper on using Generative Adverserial Networks as a final year thesis while trying to graduate. But I'd never really understood what machine learning really was or seen its applicability in real life. This time, I'd like to really get a handle on things and know how to build and why it works.

So, anyway - let's move on to the plan.

The Plan

I'll be updating this plan as we go along simply because it's going to keep growing

  1. FastAI Course Part 1
  2. FastAI Course Part 2
  3. Neural Networks From Scratch
  4. Designing Machine Learning Systems
  5. Machine Learning System Design Interview